Ukash Casinos

Ukash began offering financial services online in 2005. This online payment method is one of the most used and trusted in the UK. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, all services offered by Ukash are regulated by law. This ensures user safety and security when making online transactions. Ukash has been a top choice for players who need a way to complete online casino transactions. When playing in a Ukash casino, players will easily be able to make casino deposits. Ukash is a complete payment service that provides many additional benefits to all users. Available in more than 20 countries, Ukash has become a preferred payment method for many international players as well. With more than 200 million users, it is evident that Ukash is a trusted and reliable electronic payment service.

Ukash uses vouchers to complete casino transactions. Before a player can play for real money at a Ukash casino, they will have to purchase a voucher from Ukash. This is easily done as there are many stores that offer these vouchers. The vouchers are available online as well. When purchasing a voucher, the user will determine the denomination. The supported denominations can vary depending on where they are being sold. When people are buying Ukash vouchers at PayPoint locations, they will not be able to exceed a $500 voucher. The same is true for PayZone locations. When buying a Ukash voucher through e-pay, users may only purchase a maximum voucher of $100. While these may seem like low limits, it is possible to purchase as many as 5 vouchers at one time.

Using vouchers in Ukash casinos are a great way to stay on budget. Since casino players will never be able to spend more than the voucher is worth, there will never be a problem of overspending in the online casino. To use this payment method in a Ukash casino, players will have to select Ukash as their selected method of payment and will then have to enter a 19 digit code provided with the voucher. After this information is entered, players will be able to use the voucher with a PIN to make casino transfers.

Using a prepaid voucher is perhaps the safest way to find any casino account. Players will never have to divulge any personal information when buying or using Ukash. This allows for players to remain anonymous and allows players to engage in online gambling wherever Ukash is accepted.

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