WebMoney Casinos

WebMoney is an online payment service that has been providing casino gamblers with a payment solution since 1998. The company is based in Belize, Central America and provides fast, safe and secure online transactions. Finding a payment method supported by online casinos can be daunting. Many players will question the reliability and trustworthiness of such services. WebMoney has an outstanding rapport and has been a respected payment method for many years. There are a number of WebMoney casinos in operation. These casinos accept international players and offer a unique and secure payment method to help players easily manage their casino accounts. When WebMoney was first introduced, it catered to players from Russia. Now, it is being used by more than 10 million people worldwide. This payment method is very similar to PayPal. One of the great benefits of this payment method is that it supports US players.

To use WebMoney in an online casino, the user will have to download the software at the WebMoney site. They will then have to complete a free registration process which will be verified. If the user’s account is accepted, they will be issued a WM passport. This ensures that the personal data provided has in fact been verified.

Another great advantage of playing in a WebMoney casino is level of security. First, all transactions that are made through WebMoney are final. There is no way to recant any payment. Users will not have to have a valid bank account or a credit card to use WebMoney. The only requirement is a valid email address. WebMoney accounts can be funded in various ways. First, the user has the option to purchase a prepaid WebMoney card at a physical or online location. This has been the top choice for most players. The other option is a direct bank wire.

Using the WebMoney prepaid card provides players with great safety and security. When using this payment method, online players will always remain anonymous and will never have to divulge any personal or financial information to the casino or to WebMoney. This service is very similar to Ukash, which is a top payment method used by players from the UK. As a prepaid account, players will always know exactly how much money they have available. This can be very beneficial and can help to prevent overspending when in the online casino. Since players will only be able to use funds that are available, they can set a budget and adhere to it with no problems.

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